Running Time: 26mins 06 secs

Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure/Mystery/Drama/Comedy

Boldly taking Space Sci-Fi to new limits with an Epic Thrilling Plot and a Colossal Cast!!

I:O’s Distinctive Visual and Sound Effects will grab your attention and set your pulse racing before blasting you into space in an unforgettable adventure. From its Hypnotic Opening Sequence to It’s Adrenaline Charged Conclusion, I: O will take you where no TMO movie has gone before in a film 7 months in the making.

The Year Is 2146, the first Major Interstellar Mission is planned after a series of strange signals have been detected 50 Light years away. They originate from a star system called 'Mu Ara', which incidentally is also the first Star outside our system to have a planet within a habitable orbit.

Captain Zack Ruddock along with his crew of the Odyssey 2 will embark on the biggest space mission in human history in hope of answers about the signals and our very own existence.

This Part Focusses on the Characters and how they fit into the overall picture of the story. Alliances are Formed, Personality Clashes are witnessed and Emotions are Spilled in the first half of this Adventure.


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Running Time: 26mins 17 secs

Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure/Mystery/Drama/Comedy

Picking up fifty days after the events of Part One in which the crew of the 'Odyssey 2' are anxiously close to their Ultimate Destination.. The 'Mu Ara' star system.

A more mature and settled Captain Zack Ruddock leads the young but now well gelled team of explorers into the unknown. With their quest truly on its way, they are instantly faced with a Major problem that threatens to throw their mission into serious doubt. However, with the established Captain leading by example, the crew must work together and overcome the crisis they face to stand any chance of completing their dangerous mission.

Part Two throws the viewer right into the Adventure as you hold tight for a non-stop adrenaline pumped rollercoaster that intensifies with each passing minute leading up to the epic, heart stopping, eye popping, brain tingling, mind scorching finale!